My website has been dormant since its inception, but it’s really time to work on an online presence (if only there were more hours in a day!).

I started the Sparklelily journey in April 2017 by entering the Saanich Peninula Arts & Crafts Society’s Art Show in Sidney, BC. I was uncertain, to put it mildly, that what I was doing would ever be more than an enjoyable hobby, but a couple of judge’s awards gave me encouragement and the 2018 show was the very successful anniversary of a rewarding year of learning and growing.

Since then the business has grown into something quite a bit more than a pipe dream. I’ve learned a great deal about making jewelry of course, partly by experimentation and also with, as I like to call it, the University of YouTube. I’ve also learned a lot about what’s possible when you add relentless determination and discipline to a bit of talent.  I take great pleasure in doing custom work, especially when I take an order saying “No, I don’t know how to do that, but I’ll figure it out.”

My work is now available at Mineral World in Sidney, and my usual habitat is a table at the Victoria Public Market in downtown Victoria. From October through December my work will also be found in the Tulista Park Artsea Gallery.